ROMEO®2 LC long construct

Full range of screw sizes • 4 – 8mm diameter and 25 – 90mm in length facilitates screw fixation of the entire thoracolumbar spine in both paediatric and adult patients.

Thoracic hook options • A variety of hook sizes and types allows an additional spectrum of fixation options in challenging deformity cases.

Reduction screws • The use of multiple reduction screws facilitates deformity correction in the scoliolic spine.

Pelvic fixation options • A range of iliac screw sizes and connectors allows optimal pelvic fixation in adult deformity cases.

Titanium or cobalt chrome rods • The option of titanium or cobalt chrome rods permits the surgeon to tailor construct design to the specific biomechanical requirements of each individual case.

Compact set • A unique set of instruments.

ROMEO®2 LC long construct – Media

Instrument set

Reduction screw

Rod connector axial

Rod connector parallel

Transverse connector


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