Disc replacement

BAGUERA®C cervical disc prosthesis

MRI Compatible • The titanium plates reduce artifact and improve post operative imaging. The plates are coated with DIAMOLITH®.

Shock absorption • The shape of the inferior plate and the PE nucleus are designed to enable absorption of shocks and vibrations.

Guided mobile nucleus • The guided mobile PE nucleus is designed to prevent excessive facet joint loading and facilitate control of rotational movements.

Primary stability • The porous titanium coating as well as the 3 upper and 3 lower fins are designed for primary and secondary stability.

Anatomical shape • The sloping anatomical shape of the implant is designed to adapt to the anatomy of cervical vertebrae.

Radiolucent holder • The radiolucent holder allows for both, verification of the implants anterior position and confirmation of the fitting accuracy.

Pre assembled device • The device is pre-assembled to facilitate handling of the implant.

Compact set • The set includes 4 instruments and a lockable cervical distractor.

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Disc replacement
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