Posterior fusion device


Central peek cage • The central PEEK cage includes a graft window and is designed to promote the fusion process.

Rigid interspinous fixation • This innovative fixation method allows posterior fusion while reducing operative time and muscle trauma

Polyaxial plate • The plate has 30° of polyaxiality (15° in each direction) and is designed to adapt well to the different varieties of the patient anatomy.

One step locking mechanism • The easy one step locking mechanism allows the surgeon to squeeze, fix and lock the implant at the same time.

360° fusion with JULIET® cages • The combination of the ROMEO®2 PAD and the JULIET® cages through a small incision and a unilateral approach completes the 360° fusion.

Compact set • Only one box of intuitive instruments.

ROMEO®2 Posterior fusion device – Video

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