Lumbar cages


Angled shape • The anatomical shape of the implant is designed to facilitate the insertion of the implant and to improve the fit beween the vertebral endplates.

Load sharing concept • JULIET®TL’s slits are designed to enhance flexion of the device under a physiological compressive load. This concept is intended to improve load sharing between the device and a graft by distributing axial load through the cage and stressing the graft, creating a better environment for fusion in accordance with Wolff’s law.

Multiaxial implant holder • The implant holders’ locking mechanism enables to change the angle of the device during implantation.

Tailor made bone graft • The anatomical and resorbable bone substitute (Tricalciumphosphate) offers an alternative to autograft. The cage is pre-filled with the tailormade bone graft.

Compact set • Compact instrumentation including a multiaxial implant holder.

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Lumbar cages

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