ROMEO®2 cannulated polyaxial screw

K wireless option • The K wireless option is designed to enable the surgeon to reduce intraoperative x-rays and to reduce the risk of a K wire migration by simultaneously reducing the learning curve associated with common M.I.S. techniques.

Streamlined tip • The screws conical tip allows for an effortless, self-centering and K wireless screw insertion.

Micro-open and/or percutaneous approaches • Choice of bilateral micro-open, pure percutaneous or hybrid approaches to the thoracic junction and lumbar spine.

M.I.S retractor system • Self-retaining M.I.S. retractor system allows for both a parallel distraction of the vertebral bodies and atraumatic muscle retraction in order to reach the intervertebral space.

Spondylolisthesis reduction • Bilateral, progressive, powerful and accurate spondylolisthesis reduction.

Synergy with JULIET® Cages • Minimally invasive 3 column stabilization in combination with transforaminal JULIET®TL or oblique lateral JULIET®OL interbody fusion devices.

Compact set • Choice of multi-use instruments, designed to allow for an intuitive handling.

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